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Custom Spine, Inc. was founded in 2003 by top engineers and industry professionals in partnership with orthopedic and neurological surgeons to develop spinal implants and instrumentation.  Mahmoud Abdelgany, CEO, had the vision to create the next generation of surgeon friendly spinal implants and instruments with superior performance thereby making Custom Spine an innovative leader in the spinal implant market.

Today, the New Jersey based company continues to develop and market its products throughout the United States and is committed to establishing, building and nurturing strong relationships with our customers and partners based on trust and the commitment to provide advanced solutions for the medical community.  To that end, Custom Spine will continue to pursue opportunities to expand our product portfolio and engineering capabilities through partnerships and collaboration.   

At Custom Spine our mission is to design, develop, and market high-quality, innovative spinal instruments and implants that enhance our patients’ quality of life and our surgeons’ ability to perform their craft.  We seek to become an industry leading organization that continuously develops advanced medical solutions for the medical well being of patients and physicians.

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